Vendor Terms

Note: Midschool Market collects a 5% fee on all sales to help pay for server costs. There are no membership fees.

These are the terms to become a vendor. You need to be a vendor to sell on the site.


1) Only list BMX related items. Midschool is preferred but you can list old school and new school stuff as well.

2) List in the proper category. This makes all the search functions work efficiently and lets people find things easier.

3) Be aware of your shipping costs:

  • For shipping to calculate properly is a buyer’s cart you must use the Inventory tab to turn on Manage Stock and set Stock Qty to the quantity of the item you have. Unless you have more than one of an identical item – set Stock Qty to 1.
  • Use the Shipping tab to set your shipping charges for each item.
  • There are different boxes for domestic and international shipping. Set prices for both of these, or toggle international off if you don’t want to ship overseas.
  • Buyers really appreciate free shipping. Consider offering that if you choose or build it into your price.
  • Don’t skimp on packaging. No one wants their stuff showing up dented, scratched or broken.

4) One item per post (unless selling “a lot” ie a group of random items). If you have multiple stock of the same item – in the same condition – use the Stock tab with the quantity of the available items when listing.

5) We take pride in photography here. Take quality photos of your items from multiple angles – wides and closeups from various angles in good lighting. Customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. Photos must be of your actual item in your actual possession. Don’t post photos other than your own item.

6) Keep your photos 2000 pixels wide on the longest side or smaller. There is really no need to post a massive poster sized images for web viewing. Smaller images also help us conserve server space.

7) No selling of non-copyrighted items (like a re-print of an old sticker pack or t-shirt) unless with permission from the copyright holder.

8) Older BMX parts are getting more expensive as time goes on due to market forces of supply and demand. List your items at a fair amount and not at a ridiculous amount.

9) People buying your items are your customers, treat them well. Your return policy is the responsibility of you the seller and not Midschool Market.

10) People constantly re-listing the same unsold items over and over is super annoying. Promote your store instead where all your items are listed.

11) We hate spam of any kind. Don’t post that shit.

12) BMX is fun. Lets keep the fun going here. Don’t be a dick.