Custom made bar extensions- Fix those cut bars! UP TO 2″ per side!


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6061 Aluminum extensions up to 1″ per side, custom sizing available, will come sized for .740 ID cromo bars unless you specify otherwise, but pretty much anything is on the menu. REMOVABLE design available for lengths UP TO 1″ per side. Stainless steel hardware won’t rust and can be transplanted to your new bike if you desire.

For lengths between 1-2″ per side, for safety’s sake I will only sell them as a permanent glue-in design for which you will need to epoxy them in with something like Liquid Steel or 3M Scotchweld DP420. You will be permanently modifying your bars, so this option is not for the light of heart. You’ll need to thoroughly clean the inside of your bars (Dremel or similar preferred), acetone to remove any oils, and you MUST have a caliper to provide the exact inside diameter of your bars. Yes, that’s a long list, but at 2″ more of your weight will be riding on the extension not your bars and as most of us aren’t skinny 12-year-olds anymore, I don’t want anyone getting hurt. Primary offered for carpet queens, but bikes are meant to be ridden.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 3 in


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