13mm Haro wheels with two pegs

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This is a rare find, and hopefully someone who really needs them will see this. Aaround ’97 Haro saw what Gack was doing with its oversized 14mm hubs and decided to do the same, But for some reason they made 13mm (you read that right) axles. They used it on 1997 supra’s and blammo’s and stuff like that. If you have one of those oddball frames and don’t want to grind out to 14mm this is the ticket. The wheels are straight and true. Unsealed mega-nuke hubs and what looks like single wall wienmann rims. Threaded for 16+ tooth freewheels on the right. I also have two 13mm Haro Fusion axle pegs I’ll throw in with the wheels, I probably have anti spin pins for them somewhere I’m sure. Very rare, Ive never seen another set, and these all came to me as seperate pieces on bikes over the years strange enough.


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I have been wrenching on bikes since I was a poor kid who was too poor to afford nice bikes, so most of my first bikes were recycled and rebuilt out of the trash. My first real bike was in 1995 in the form of a GT Vertigo, which I still have. Been riding sketchy ramps and trash ever since. I still ride often and have a style most people would describe as having a 90’s freestyle vibe. I guess we never really grow up! I’ve been collecting since the late 90’s and have a decent mix of bikes and parts. I always buy things I myself would have ridden. Most times I would get junk and restore it to its former glory. None of my stuff is carpet queen style, Id rather a bike with dents scratches and stickers all over it any day. I love bikes with character. I still ride my heavy mid school bikes in the park and streets as often as I can.

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