Welcome to the beta launch of the the Midschool BMX Market!

I’ve been thinking about this website idea for awhile and decided to start this for one simple reason: the Midschool era ruled.

What is the “Midschool” anyway? In my mind it’s an era of BMX evolution that started around 1990 – give or take a year or two – and lasted until integrated headsets became the norm, say the mid-2000s. Basically, if your bike was heavy af, could survive a drop off a bridge and you had to beat in your headset cups with a mallet, then it’s probably Midschool. But that’s just one fool’s opinion – we have a forum here…let’s debate this!

Where is the Midschool today best represented on the web? Mostly on various discussion sites and Facebook groups – all with seemingly different missions. I’m glad they’re there and participate in quite a few of them myself. In addition though, how about a stand alone social marketplace that caters to everyone – including people not on FB or members of various forums?

  • Some might want to reminisce in the forums about the best times of their lives.
  • Some might like to post fun polls. Primo or Profile cranks, Moeller or Moliterno.
  • Some might like to sell old survivor NOS or rider condition parts and make some cash from their cherished horde.
  • Some might want to work on their dream builds from the mid-90s and need parts to buy.
  • Some might just hang out and interact with users via posts, tags and messages

I wanted this site to accomplish all those things + more and had certain boxes to check when researching development platforms.

1) Design – clean and modern
2) An open, fun and powerful set of buyer and seller tools
3) Members that can include customers and vendors
4) Individually branded vendor stores to display one or multiple items for sale
5) Great image quality and integration for listed products
6) Secure and flexible payments with Paypal and credit cards
7) Informative activity area showing all seller and buyer history
8) Shipping integration with tracking numbers provided to buyers
9) An eBay-like feedback system for buyers and sellers
10) Discussion forums

And while we’re at it let’s build this all on top of a social network where members get their own Facebook-style wall, a built-in private messaging system, site-wide @mentions, real time notifications and more.

To start growing we need users, so consider joining today and take a look around the joint. After registering you can immediately start interacting with the site, including buying products. To sell you have to sign up to become a vendor. If you’re into building up that Midschool dream bike project, consider buying some parts from your fellow members. Start some forum threads with discussions, questions or talk some shit. This place can be whatever you make it.

I hear people say all the time they feel lucky to have grown up riding bikes during the Midschool era. I tend to agree. Some of the best times those days were. Let us create more good times going forward with all our friends, bikes, memories and greying hair.

Thanks for your interest in the Midschool BMX Market. If you’re on other social networks give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And a special thanks to my miscreant band of collaborators like Wes, Mark F, Micah, Wags, Rick M, my awesome wife Ginia and others who contributed great ideas and encouraged me to do this.

-Chris Rye, co-founder of Props and Baco Designs


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