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    Lots of varying opinions on this! What’s yours and who’s right?

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    I believe the Midschool era to be a revolutionary period in BMX that held the answer to the main problem of the day: Crappy bikes made by big corporate companies. We had a dire need for strength and durability. I started riding in the Oldschool era and found myself witnessing the birth of Standard Byke Co in person. What a life changer! They were true problem solvers. As we all (groms and pros alike) broke frames, forks, headset cups, cranks, and bent everything else, we needed some serious strength under our feet. It was a time when many great companies stood up and changed everything to satisfy the needs of burly riders of the day. Although things went overboard, it was in the name of safety and durability. Today I ride a Newschool bike with Midschool flavor…and I keep rolling into whatever the next era brings.

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    I was born in the ‘mid school’ era so never got to be there for the big uprising or rider run companies. For me it’s the style of riding (like the no footed ice pick- cannot recall where I’ve seen it, if you know what I mean please remind me) crazy amounts of tables, early street with sparks and blood, dvd’s like Criminal Mischief, Standard County, and especially early Props. But hell what do I know eh? 😉

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    I started in the 80’s I remember Joe Rich and Luc e coming to Jersey on Standard when the company started. I guess that is considered the start of the era.

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    Its a way of stereotyping— humans need to put everything in some sort of order..lol

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