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    Things are getting serious around here!

    Over the last 19 years, I’ve managed to keep a hold of all the frames that I bought, owned and rode but with two exceptions. My early 98 2Hip Pork (4130) disappeared off of the face of the earth but about 18 months ago, I tracked down an exact, same vintage example in the hills of California and got it shipped over to me, here in the UK.

    My Gen 1 Metal Kizz never went far from my circle of friends and was a relatively easy retrieval, although I almost shed a tear and went all Hulk like when I caught sight of what the last owner had done the chainstay on it. To make it more compatible with smaller chain rings (I’m guessing 36t for the time) they had taken a hammer and chisel and unceremoniously beaten the chainstay in. You know, instead of using a crank arm spacer? Duh! But anyway, I got it back and now it’s fully restored with much time, money and effort and with the collaboration of Joe Carnall for whom I’m eternally greatful.

    My 99 2Hip Soul remained in my possession from day 1. It cracked on the wishbone junction after about 6 months and Ron Wilkinson replaced it at trade price (so much for the lifetime guarantee!) with a matching items and soon after, I traded the replacement with a close friend’s gen 1 Metal Kizz. So that’s the first 3 frames accounted for.

    In 2001, after much riding and progression by myself, the Kizz felt a bit bent so I did the string line test on it. The rear triangle was out of line by a few millimetres so I contacted my bike shop who contacted 70s Distribution who agreed to replace it with what should have been another Kizz but turned out to be a Burma. I rode the shit out of that but it stayed true, suffering only dropout wear and a couple of dents. That is now fully restored. That’s 4.

    My FBM Autopilot followed in 2005. The start of New School for me. What a frame! Cutting edge geometry but far to light in materials. It cracked after only about 5 months. FBM replaced it but instead of the replacement having the same lifetime guarantee, it came with 90 Day Warranty. My faith was lost in “American Made” and I bought my first Taiwan frame. The cracked FBM has been fully repaired and restored. That’s 5.

    2006, I got a Sunday Vinnie Sammon edition First Wave. It proved very reliable but after the perfect geometry of the FBM, I never really jelled with it. That’s 6.

    My friend had a Sunday Second Wave that was a little longer at the front and he didn’t get on with it and offered me it. I thought I’d give it a go. That was late in 2008. Again, I never really bonded with it but it was super reliable and I rode that for 7 years. That’s 7.

    And I have a built once, custom Standard 250S. A long story but I’m currently riding the replacement custom 250S so that’s 8 plus my current ride.

    So still to restore are the 2Hip Pork, 2Hip Soul, Sunday Vinnie Sammon and Sunday Second Wave. The 250S doesn’t need restoring.

    But then after restoring 3 frames and enjoying the process, I decided to get some more to do and now I’m a collecting addict! I have a US made 2002 WTP Omen and a Standard Cashius. I am close to signing off on Kink Empire Revision B, I have a lead on gen 1 98 Kink Empire and a 2001 Gack Gargoyle. Where will it end! Divorce probably!! Haha!

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    @sycmatt that’s a rad history man.

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    Damn, Chris!

    I’m expecting an email from a dude about an original 98 Kink Empire and him agreeing to the deal I proposed. I got email notifications and got all excited! It’s a good job it’s you and nobody else or I may have had cause to explode!! Haha!!

    Thanks for the comment. So yeah, I’ve gone from being on the brink of Revision B ownership to the brink of Gen 1 Empire ownership in the time between writing this post. I’m all calm on top but my dick is stiff down below for the midschool!! Hahaha!!!

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