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    Thanks for your interest in selling on Midschool BMX Market!

    By default any registered user can shop and make purchases on the site.

    To sell on the site you must first apply to become a Vendor.

    To apply:

    1) Register and create a user account if you don’t have one already. Check your email and verify your email address.
    2) Login and click on SELL for the Vendor Application.
    3) Fill out the Vendor Application info under the Store, Payment, Branding, Shipping and Social tabs. Most info is optional, but make sure to put in your Paypal address if you want to get paid. You can modify your Store info at any time.
    4) Read and agree to the Vendor Terms & Conditions.
    5) Click “Apply To Be A Vendor”.
    6) Assuming you’re not a spammer we’ll approve your application within 24 hours and you’ll receive an email.
    7) Log back in and click on SELL to start adding items for sale.

    Some things to understand about being a Vendor:

    1) Your original registration username is who you are on the site.
    2) When you become a Vendor you also gain a Store.
    3) All your products are included in your Store.
    4) Your original registration username is the one who owns your Store.
    5) If someone visits your Profile page they will see you have Store.
    6) If someone visits your Store they will see your username as the Shop Owner.

    We encourage adding unique branding graphics to your Store. To do this visit your SELL page and click the Settings tab, then the Branding tab.

    Store branding graphics recommended sizes:

    1) Store Banner 1210 x 284 pixels
    2) Store Icon 400 x 400 pixels

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    where is the application ?

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    @bmxkline see To Apply, #2 above.

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    Are they also offering brand name suggestions? I am already have my preferred business name however, I am kinda confuse whether to use or not as I see it is very common and not so unique and catchy. My services includes parts and services and minor modification of BMX, I am reselling used stuff too. I am eyeing on this site eatmywords.com/services/business-name-ideas/? as my friend suggested me to get some tips from branding expert, which I am not yet aware how it goes. Do I need experts advice for brand or business name to use?

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    @rickfoster not really sure what you’re asking.

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    Just a heads up- sold my first item through the site, and the way it posted in PP was not the normal way it does via epay or the museum or whatnot. Transaction was smooth as silk, but it doesn’t seem to be telling PP that items need to be shipped so there’s no way to enter the tracking number in PP’s system. Not a huge deal, but since that also does not put the buyer’s shipping address in there, it could make things difficult in the future if someone needed to go back a check on an order/sort orders out form others 🙂

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    @chattymatty that is a limitation of Paypal and it doesn’t allow this for marketplaces using the PP API. However, you can enter the tracking number right here on the site. Visit your vendor page and click Orders. All your orders are archived there, forever. You can enter a tracking number for each order and the customer will be notified via email of the shipment and tracking number.

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    Found it, thanks. Just takes a little getting used to the format 🙂

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